Hot Wheels® Robo Wheels™ Crash Coaster™ Track Set

Product#: 57451
Released: 2002
Discontinued: 2003
Ages: 5+

Product Desciption:

Robo Wheels™ are cool-looking, super fast vehicles that can transform into battle ready robots and work on Hot Wheels® track both ways! The two sides, the Positrons and Negabotz are battling each other in their quest for hyper-energy. The ultimate battle takes place on the CRASH COASTER™, which features upside-down, zero-g racing! This powered set lets you race upside down, on the outside of the power loop, and down through the whoop de-do's before facing the dreaded Crash Zone. · Includes one Robo Wheels™ vehicle. · Works with most Robo Wheels™ vehicles, sold separately.

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