Barbie Dolls Of The World China

Product#: W3323
Released: 2012
Ages: 6 years and older.

Dolls Of The World® Collection - China Barbie® Doll:
Barbie® doll is loved around the world, and this collection returns the love with Barbie® dressed in aspirational versions of ancestral dress from various countries. China Barbie® = wears an Asian-inspired red gown embroidered with flowers and leaves in golden and black with touches of orange, pink and blue. Her shoes are traditional, her jewelry (golden bangle bracelets and red faux-jewel drop earrings) is timeless and her hair evokes an Eastern style. She is even accompanied by a panda who rests on her hip. This Barbie® also come with accessories to add play value, which include a passport and sticker sheet to help record Barbie® doll's travels. Doll cannot stand alone. Ages 6 and older. X3902 Assortment.

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