India Barbie® Doll

Product#: W3322
Released: 2012
Ages: 6 years and up.

Barbie® Dolls Of The World® India Barbie® Doll:
In 2012, the Dolls of the World® line is all about inspiring girls to travel the world through Barbie®. Barbie® doll is loved around the world, and this collection returns the love with Barbie® dressed in aspirational versions of ancestral dress from various countries. India Barbie® wears a mustard-yellow sari with a matching hajib-like veil. Golden shoes, “gold” bangles and touches of red complete her traditional look, while a monkey friend highlights the country's natural wildlife. The Barbie® Dolls of the World® also come with accessories to add play value that include a passport and sticker sheet to help record Barbie® doll's travels. Doll cannot stand alone. Ages 6 and older.

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