Debbie Harry Doll

Product#: R4459
Released: 2010
Ages: 6 and up

Debbie Harry Doll Ladies Of The '80s™ Collection Pink Label™ Collection: The platinum, punk goddess of a decade, Debbie Harry is singer, songwriter, and front woman for Blondie. She took her band from the Bowery to superstardom with her tough and pretty persona, beautiful voice, and witty, ironic music. Mixing new wave, reggae, rap, and disco, Debbie created an unforgettable landmark of pop culture! Debbie Harry doll captures the singer's sassy spirit and famed beauty! This is part of the Ladies of the '80s™ collection! Includes Debbie Harry doll, dress, shoes, doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Doll cannot stand alone. Ages 6 and over

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