Malibu Barbie® Doll

Product#: N4977
Released: 2009
Ages: 14 and up

My Favorite Barbie® Malibu Barbie® Doll
In celebration of Barbie® doll's 50th anniversary, six favorite dolls and period fashions return, re-created in loving detail. Now is the opportunity to reconnect with a long-lost friend! The debut of the sun-loving California girl, Malibu Barbie®, created a sensation in 1971, reproduced here in aqua blue bathing suit, lemon yellow towel and sunglasses. Included in the package are reproductions of the Lemon Kick™ #1465 fashion from 1970, a reproduction vintage booklet, collectible 50th anniversary cards with a reproduction vintage image and Barbie® fun facts on the other side. Doll cannot stand alone.

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