Kid-Tough Digital Camera Case- Soccer

Product#: M4146
Released: 2008
Ages: 3+

The Kid-Tough Digital Camera Case is an easy way to tote the Kid-Tough Digital Camera and all of its components.  The case makes taking the camera on-the-go a snap with plenty of space and a separate compartment to organize!  The Kid-Tough Digital Camera Case is portable and lightweight, making it easy for preschoolers to take their camera along on all of their adventures! In 2008, the K5887 Camera Case Asst. is refreshed with new patterns & and now include a face plate for customizability!  Simply strap on the face plate to the Kid-Tough Digital Camera to create a look that's uniquely yours!  Each set includes one of three face plates and patterns: M4144 Cheetah, M4145 Flames or M4146 Soccer!

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