Barbie® Doll Learns to Cook

Product#: K9141
Released: 2009
Ages: 14 years and up.

Barbie® Doll Learns To Cook Gold Label™ Whimsical, wonderful, and oh so retro! This reproduction Barbie® is in her dream kitchen, wearing a re-creation of a cheery, printed shirtwaist from 1965. Her beautiful lemon blonde hair is styled in a swell, swirl ponytail. Pots and lids, toaster, and “toast” complete the bright, perfect kitchen. Comes with vintage reproduction Barbie® torso with bendable legs. Doll cannot stand alone. For ages 14 and over. CF-K9141 The original Barbie® Dream House inspires the beautiful window box packaging. Removable retro backdrop inside is perfect for cool display! Production doll may vary from the photo shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the fashion/fabrics, sculpt, hair color/style and accessories.

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