Barbie™ Skipper Doll

Product#: BCP79
Released: 2014
Ages: Adult

In 1964, Skipper Roberts became Barbie® doll's little sister and her very first family member. Now, in 2014, Mattel® reintroduces Skipper® doll in a sweet outfit that commemorates her original look. Her blue and white dress is perfect for her birthday party, with a sleeveless bodice and full short skirt. Decorated with lace, bows and a charming print, it looks absolutely a-doll-able with the wide-brim sunhat trimmed with blue ribbon. Short white gloves, white ankles socks and white ballet flats are girly touches. Skipper® doll comes with party supplies that include a cake with candles, a present, two candies, an invitation and napkins. Plus, a book featuring classic Skipper® looks celebrates this little sister's history. Includes doll and themed accessories.Features:o Mattel® reintroduces Skipper® doll in classic look for her birthday celebration!o Her blue and white party dress is trimmed with lace, ribbon and a charming print on the layered skirt.o A sunhat trimmed with ribbon is an a-doll-able accessories.o Party-perfect touches includes short white gloves, white ankle socks and white flats.o Themed accessories, like a birthday cake, present and invitation, make for festive fun and classic collectability!

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