KELLY® Doll and friends THE WIZARD OF OZ™ Giftset

Product#: B2516
Released: 2003
Ages: 3+

This giftset features all four of the classic characters from the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy wears her light blue gingham skirt over a white shirt with light blue trim on the sleeves and neck to match the color of the ribbons in her hair. She wears the famous red slippers over light blue socks and carries Toto in a basket. She is joined by her cast of friends including Cowardly Lion, complete with ears, tail and tufts of hair. The Tin Man features a silvery-colored face and a silvery outfit that includes shoes and a cap that is topped with a silvery oil funnel. He carries with him a silvery axe and oil can. Scarecrow wears a green jacket with a faux burlap collar. His brown pants have a patch on each leg and descend down to his brown boots. Tufts of raffia peek out throughout his outfit including his final accessory, a black scarecrow hat with green band. Window box. Ages 3 and over.

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