Lady Camille™ Barbie® Doll The Portrait Collection™

Product#: B1235
Released: 2003
Ages: 14+

The Portrait Collection™ continues with its second selection, an extraordinary Barbie® doll as unforgettable as a great work of art. Lady Camille™ Barbie® doll wears a captivating ensemble, a rich gown of champagne-colored jacquard accented with lace-trimmed chiffon and strands of faux pearls. Golden filigree drop earrings continue the faux pearl motif, which repeats in her double-strand faux pearl choker necklace. A sheer white drape adds an air of romance. This exquisite doll comes in a package reminiscent of a 19th century shadowbox. It resembles a framed, three-dimensional painting and the package insert features a backdrop depicting a salon rendered in soft colors. Lady Camille™ Barbie® stands before the mantelpiece in her salon, captured at her most elegant in a striking portrait. The shadowbox package is designed to hang on the wall to display Lady Camille™ Barbie® as a work of art adding classic grace to any home décor. Limited Edition. Window box. For the adult collector, age 14 and over. Doll stand included.

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