Gay Parisienne® Barbie® Doll Collectors’ Request® Collection

Product#: 57610
Released: 2004
Ages: 14+

Sixth in the Collectors' Request® Series, this Barbie® doll is a vinyl reproduction wearing a re-creation of the original 1959 fashion Gay Parisienne®. Barbie looks chic in her classic dark blue bubble dress with tiny white polka dots. Around her shoulders is a fabulous faux fur stole, and sitting atop her head is a sophisticated veiled headband hat. Accessories include a faux pearl necklace, golden velvety clutch, and navy open-toe shoes. Barbie doll's demure vintage look is captured with lovely side-glancing eyes, red lipstick, painted finger and toenails, and a brunette ponytail with curled bangs.

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