Barbie® I Can Be…Gymnastics Teacher

Product#: Y7381
Released: 2013
Ages: 3 years and up

The Barbie® I Can Be…™ Gymnastics Teacher play set celebrates a career that requires physical skill along with mental acuity. It includes a Barbie® doll dressed to impress for her career goals and comes with the accessories to get the job done! Hook Chelsea® doll into the balance beam and pull the bar to watch her twirl across; clip her wrists into the high bar and turn the side lever to see her spin in complete circles around it. If Chelsea® doll gets tired, Barbie® doll can inspire her with a floor routine; girls simply push the lever in Barbie® doll's back to make her twirl the ribbon. Barbie® doll will be so proud when Chelsea® doll accepts her medal on the winner's podium (that doubles as a shelf!). Both dolls look ready to rule in their sleek uniforms. Barbie® doll wears a long-sleeve leotard with a vibrant print and colored sleeves. Chelsea® doll is ready to tumble in a sleeveless leotard with a bright print of its own. Girls will flip for this set that includes Barbie® doll, Chelsea® doll, balance beam, high bar, twirling ribbon, shelf/medal podium, medal, bag and trophy.