Barbie® RC Train and Ride Horse

Product#: Y1174
Released: 2013
Ages: 3 and up

Barbie® Feature Horse (non-DV)
In the new story, “Barbie™& Her Sisters in a Pony Tale,” Barbie® and her sisters head to the horse academy and make some new animal friends. This set celebrates Barbie® doll's instant connection with a wild horse that she trains. Girls simply press the horse's forehead to turn it on to see it interact with Barbie® doll.

Raise Barbie® doll's arm, and the horse will walk toward her; lower her arm halfway, and the horse will stop.

Lower Barbie® doll's arm completely, and the horse will execute an affectionate bow. Girls will love recreating scenes from the movie with this interactive doll and horse set. Includes Barbie® doll and horse.