Barbie® Slide & Spin Pups!™ Playset (AA)

Product#: Y1173
Released: 2013
Discontinued: 2014
Ages: 3 and up

Barbie® Slide & Spin Pups!™ Playset (AA)
Puppies love to play and where better than at the park! Barbie® and her animal friends will have so much fun with this set!

Barbie® has a basket that fits her two puppies so she can carry them as she speeds to the park on her roller skates. Once there, the two puppies can ride the slide or twirl around in the girl-activated spinning swings.

Attach Barbie® doll wearing her roller skates to the twirly ride, and she can spin too!

Includes play set, Barbie® doll, basket and 2 puppies.