Barbie® Slide & Spin Pups!™ Playset

Product#: Y1172
Released: 2013
Ages: 3 years and up

Barbie® Slide & Spin Pups!™ Playset
Puppies love to play and where better than at the park! Barbie® and her adorable animal friends will have so much fun with the Barbie® Slide and Spin Pups!™ play set. Barbie® doll comes with a tote that fits her two puppies so she can carry them to the park. Just sling the stylishly decorated bag on her arm and go! Once there, there’s loads to do! The two puppies can “race” to the brightly colored, curvy slide. The first one there gets to enter up the roped ramp and ride the wheel to the top, then ride the slide down for a stomach-flipping thrill! Or load the puppies into the spinning swings and manually activate the twirling motion. Attach Barbie® doll to the twirly ride, and she can spin too! She looks just as adorable as her animal pals in bright shorts and a colorful tank top. Play set includes Barbie® doll, the slide, the swings, two puppies, a food bowl and a puppy carrying bag.