Barbie® Splash 'N Slide™ Playset

Product#: X9180
Released: 2013
Ages: 3 years and up.

Barbie® Splash 'N Slide™ Castle:
Girls can discover the Barbie® Fairytale Magic in the bathtub with this castle-inspired water toy. Sized for both Small Doll and Fashion Doll Mermaids, there are plenty of play areas to make a splash! Take a mini-mermaid down the translucent glittery slide or set her on the pretty pink swing; Fashion Dolls (not included) can also ride the slide or enjoy their own seashell seat that snaps open and closed. Remove the castle turrets, and use them to pour water for more water-play fun; direct it over the seashell above the swing to create a lovely waterfall. The embellishment on the turret doubles as a tiara for the girl. And is that a girl-sized ring in that shell? Yes! A small pool at the bottom is the perfect place for the purple fish to play as he can jump out of the pool. Launch him from the mechanism out of the play set and into the tub! Girls can access everything easily because the entire set can be attached to the wall of the bathtub or a water basin using the suction mechanisms. Includes play set, 1 small mermaid doll and 1 fish friend, plus a tiara and a ring for the girl! Fashion Doll Mermaid sold separately.