Barbie® Puppy Play Park™

Product#: X2631
Released: 2012
Ages: 3 years and up.

Barbie® Puppy Play Park™ Doll & Playset (Non-DV):
Barbie® knows puppies are cute, but they also require training. With this “backyard” set, Barbie® doll can train and play with her two puppies “outside.” The motorized larger puppy has an innovative sound-recognition feature. Girls can press the lever on Barbie® doll's back to move her arms in a clapping motion and activate the clapping mechanism inside or clap their own hands; when the large puppy hears Barbie® doll clapping, it can come to her or go up or down the slide! The little puppy, also on wheels, is not electronic but can be connected to the bigger puppy. Once training is over, the two can play together on the slide for a nurturing moment. Both puppies feature bobble-heads and tails that really bring them to life. Includes Barbie® doll with clapping feature, doghouse play set, a big motorized/sound-activated puppy, a little puppy, a ball and a bone. Ages 3 and older.