Barbie® Hairtastic!™ Color & Design Salon™ Doll

Product#: X2345
Released: 2012
Ages: 5 years and up.

Barbie® Hair-Tastic!™ ColorR & Design Salon™ Doll:
Barbie® Color & Design Salon™ Doll allows girls to become the ultimate stylist with a superstar client-Barbie® doll! Girls can add color, sparkles and designs directly onto Barbie® doll's hair for extra blonde flair. Using the included stencils or creating personalized freehand designs, girls can make their wildest hairstyles and looks become a reality. All color and design washes out allowing for endless hours of hair-play fun like only Barbie® can provide. Comes with everything needed to design lots of looks for Barbie®, including doll, hair stand, stencils, 3 bottles of color, comb, hair clips and rubber bands. Ages 5 and older.