African American Barbie I Can Be Play Sets

Product#: W8926
Released: 2012
Ages: 3 and up

Barbie I Can Be…™ Play Set Assortment (AA):
With this assortment, girls can explore the roles of a pancake chef, a teacher and a Sea World trainer! Barbie® I Can Be…™ Pancake Chef is ready to whip up the most important meal of the day in a white chef's jacket and ruffle-trimmed apron, while little sister Chelsea® has on a dress and an apron of her own. The menu features waffles and pancakes, which Barbie® doll can flip to a golden brown when the pan is attached to her hand and the button in her back is depressed. Chelsea® doll can help carry pancakes, but her tray is wobbly! Additional themed accessories include a measuring cup, spatula, waffle iron, menu, order slip and breakfast station with stovetop. Barbie® I Can Be…™ Teacher comes with student Chelsea® doll, who raises her left arm when the button in her back is pushed. Lessons can be written in chalk on the real blackboard (which flips to reveal a world map) and erased with the eraser that fits perfectly on Barbie® doll's hand. School-themed piece-count also includes a student desk, scissors, lunchbox and “glue” bottle. The Barbie™ I Can Be…™ Sea World trainer wears her uniform wet suit and comes with a whale and dolphin. Attach the sea animals to the wheel in the “pool” to spin them around and wow the crowd. Ages 3 and older.