Barbie® Suds and Hugs Pup

Product#: W3153
Released: 2012
Ages: 3 and up

Barbie Suds & Huhs Pups Set:
Barbie® doll and her puppies have been playing outside all day, and now they need a bath! This play set features a bathtub with a bottom the puppies snap into. Press the lever down and send the puppies chasing each other around the tub-so cute! While they play, foam comes out of the handle to clean them. Barbie® doll can hold the sponge in her hand and wash the puppies clean with a button in her back that, when pressed, moves her hand in a scrubbing motion. Once clean, Barbie® can take the bucket, rinse the soap off the puppies and dry them off. Barbie® doll can also hold a puppy-press the lever on her back and her arm moves up and down to pet it. Piece-count includes Barbie® doll, 2 puppies, bath-themed outfits, shampoo bottles, soap, bucket and towel. Ages 3 and older.