Fashionistas® Swappin'Styles® Sassy® Doll

Product#: V7145
Released: 2011
Ages: 3 years and up.

Barbie® Fashionistas® Swappin' Styles® Doll Assortment:
The Barbie® Fashionistas® Swappin' Styles® dolls are a very fashionable group of friends who love expressing their fashion personalities! Friends Artsy, Cutie, Sporty, Glam, Sassy and Sweetie love expressing their own personal style with looks that are hot off the runway! And with the Swappin' Styles® swappable head feature and extra fashions, girls can change their doll's looks in an instant and always be in fashion! Just press the button on the doll's back to release head and swap. It's easy and fun! Each doll comes with a purse. Swappin' Styles® swappable heads and fashions sold separately. Swappable heads fit Barbie® Fashionistas® Swappin' Styles® dolls only. Dolls cannot stand alone. Each doll sold separately, subject to availability. For ages 3 and over. N4844 Asst.