Barbie® Loves Color Hair

Product#: V3905
Released: 2011
Ages: 5 years and up.

Barbie® Loves Hair Tool Assortment:
The Barbie® Loves Hair Tool Assortment offers wear and share play for Barbie® doll and girls with 3 different Barbie® tools each dedicated to hair play: twisting, jeweling, and coloring. With twisting, girls place hair in hair clips and then twist (2 functions); with jeweling, girls use the gem tool to grab the gem then place on hair; with coloring, girls streak hair with the color chalk for instant hair color! The Barbie® Loves Twist Hair comes with doll-sized tool (non functional) and a hair twister tool that girls can use on themselves or Barbie® doll. Also comes with 2 hair barrettes and hair ties that girls can use on themselves or on Barbie® doll. Barbie® Loves Gem Hair comes with a gemming hair tool, 2 sets of gems, Velcro, and a brush to use in girl or doll's hair. Barbie® doll also comes with a doll-sized gemming hair tool as well (non-functional). The Barbie® Loves Color Hair comes with a coloring hair tool, 2 color chalks, and a brush that girls can use themselves or on Barbie® doll. Also comes with a doll-sized hair tool (nonfunctional). Doll not included. Each sold separately, subject to availability. For ages 5 and over. V3904 Asst.