Fun 2 Learn™ Computer Cool School™ Software Super Why

Product#: P8886
Released: 2009
Discontinued: 2011

Reading & Writing Whyatt needs your help to solve a Super Big Problem! Read along with the story of Goldilocks, and help Super Why finish the story! Math Fly to the rescue with Super Why as he zooms in his Whyflyer, picking up books! Learn about numbers, counting, addition and more - with three levels of play. Art You're a Super Artist when you draw, paint, stamp, and more with Super Why! Learn about colors, creativity, and of course, reading. Create your own story to print and display! Music It's time to rhyme with Wonder Red! Use word power to find rhyming words and word families to create your very own song. Science Use Alphabet Power to help Alpha Pig clean up the mess and sort recyclables in the Three Bears' House. 40+ activities to print for on-the-go learning. Take a field trip to the forest! - Packaging Insets


Computer Cool School™

PC Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista™ or Windows XP
  • Processor- 1.2GHz
  • Memory- 256MB Ram
  • Hard Drive- 200Mb available
  • Video Resolution- 800x600 32-bit color DirectX9.0c compatible
  • Sound- 16-bit DirectX compatible
  • CD or DVD Drive
  • USB port- 1.1
  • Recommended- Printer, Internet Connection for updates

Mac Requirements
This product is not Mac compatible.