Computer Cool School Software - Scooby Doo

Product#: M7945
Released: 2008
Discontinued: 2011
Ages: 4-6 years old

This s/w is part of the assortment number 117457 Scooby and the gang have come across another haunted building, this time its an old school.  Mystery Inc. follows the clues that lead them to the culprit and allows for the school to be re-opened, much to the principals delight.  Reading and Writing Center: Key words Concepts of print Reading comprehension Predictions Art Center: Colors Creativity Cause and effect Science Center: Deductive reasoning Music Center: Music exploration Tempo Math Center: Counting Step-counting Field Trip mode: Cause and effect Environmental awareness


Computer Cool School™

PC Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista™ or Windows XP
  • Processor- 1.2GHz
  • Memory- 256MB Ram
  • Hard Drive- 200Mb available
  • Video Resolution- 800x600 32-bit color DirectX9.0c compatible
  • Sound- 16-bit DirectX compatible
  • CD or DVD Drive
  • USB port- 1.1
  • Recommended- Printer, Internet Connection for updates

Mac Requirements
This product is not Mac compatible.