Barbie® Pets and Accessories

Product#: HKD84
Released: 2023
Ages: For kids ages 3 and up.

Barbie® pet and accessories sets inspire nurturing play and classic moments caring for animal friends. Each playset includes a pet animal with an interactive feature, mealtime accessories and additional themed pieces. With everything needed to care for and entertain an adorable pet, kids will want to bring them all home. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.


Barbie® pet and accessories sets inspire kids to play out pet feeding and care.

This set includes an adorable bunny with wiggling nose and ears -- twitch its nose while feeding it carrots to activate!

Lots of accessories -- a total of 10 -- add to the storytelling and role-play fun, with items for mealtime and playtime, like a fence and tree stump for its bunny pen! 

The set makes a great gift for kids ages 3 years and older, especially animal lovers!

Kids will want to collect all the animal sets for a home filled with pet friends!