Barbie® Kitty Condo™ Doll and Pets

Product#: HHB70
Released: 2022
Ages: For kids ages 3 years and older.

Barbie® doll loves caring for her pets. Kids can help her play and nurture with the Barbie® Kitty Condo™ playset! This Barbie® doll and pet playset inspires sweet storytelling moments with Barbie® doll, one cat, four adorable kittens and their very own condo. The Kitty Condo™ playset has multiple levels and fun features, like a spinning rope toy, a basket that moves up and down the condo, and a teaser toy that clips onto to the condo or into Barbie® doll's hand. Kids can help Barbie® doll care for her kittens with storytelling accessories, like a bottle, brush and ball of yarn. With so many storytelling opportunities, the Barbie® Kitty Condo™ playset makes a great gift for kids ages 3 years old and up. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.