Barbie® Skipper® Babysitters Inc™ Dolls and Playset

Product#: HHB68
Released: 2022
Ages: 3 Years and up

Barbie® Skipper™ Babysitters Inc.™ dolls and playsets let kids explore their nurturing side as the babysitter with a Skipper™ or friend doll, a baby or toddler doll and furniture and accessories matched to classic childhood moments. Choose from babysitting sets themed to bedtime, birthday and water play. Each has a fun feature to inspire storytelling: the sleepy toddler doll has glow-in-the-dark pajamas, the birthday baby has a "messy-to-clean-and-back" color-change face; and the toddler with kiddie pool has a color-change swimswuit and comes with a whale squirt toy. With so many pieces in each playset, there are endless babysitting adventures to imagine. Kids can collect all the Babysitters Inc.™ dolls and toys for more babysitting fun with Barbie® (each sold separately, subject to availability). Each sold separately, subject to availability. Larger dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary. Features: Play out classic babysitting moments with Barbie® Skipper™ Babysitters Inc.™ playsets that come with a babysitter doll, a small doll to babysit and themed accessories to inspire nurturing play.

Choose from engaging themes that include bedtime, birthday and water play -- each has a fun feature to add to the storytelling inspiration.

The bedtime set lets kids say when it's time for bed, but after dark is better with glow-in-the-dark pajamas for the toddler doll -- tuck her into bed with a teddy bear, storybook and sleeping kitty, and don't forget to have her brush her teeth!

The party set lets kids celebrate a special day over and over with a baby doll whose face goes from spattered with cake to clean with warm and ice cold water; a balloon, gift, bottle and high chair round out the occasion.

The water play set makes a playtime splash -- fill the inflatable-style kiddie pool with water and help the toddler doll jump in; ice-cold water changes the color of her swimsuit, and warm water changes it back.

Use the whale-shaped squirt toy and orange floatie to make an even bigger splash! Collect the Barbie® babysitting dolls and toys to inspire imaginations and explore new possibilities because when a girl plays with Barbie®, she discovers everything she can become (each sold separately, subject to availability).