Barbie® Extra Minis™ Doll

Product#: HGP63
Released: 2022
Ages: 3 Years and up

Meet the most EXTRA small dolls -- the Barbie® Extra Minis™. They're just like the over-the-top Barbie® Extra dolls -- but miniaturized! Posable and playful in looks made to slay, these 5.5-inch dolls are mini with oversized personalities and aesthetics. Each doll comes with extra-long rooted hair, playful fashions and over-the-top accessories. With posability at the elbows and knees, these small dolls are ready to strike a pose! And with a doll stand for each, kids can create their own Barbie® Extra Minis™ display! Minified with extra vibes, these small dolls make a BIG statement. Can you say oh-my-MINI? Each sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.


Barbie® Extra Minis™ are 5.5-inch dolls in looks made to slay, featuring over-the-top fashion and accessory pieces, plus a Barbie® Extra Minis™ branded doll stand.

This Barbie® Extra Minis™ doll rocks extra-long, crimped hair styled in a top-bun, a dress with rainbow sprinkle print and a furry purple jacket that's oh-so extra.

Her accessories, like micro sunglasses, glam earrings and a waffle cone-inspired waist bag take her look to the next level!

With an included doll stand and posability at the elbows and knees, this small doll is perfect for fashion play or a Barbie® Extra Minis™ display.

Barbie® Extra Minis™ make great gifts for kids 3 to 10 years old, especially those who love to be Extra themselves! Barbie® Extra Minis™ Doll #1 (5.5 in) in Fashion & Accessories, with Doll Stand

Includes Barbie® Extra Minis Doll (5.5 inch) wearing dress, coat, shoes and earrings, 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 waist bag and 1 doll stand.