Barbie® Made to Move™ Doll

Product#: GXF05
Released: 2021
Ages: 3 years and up

Barbie® doll knows the way to be one's best is to give yourself the best care, whether in motion or staying still! Barbie® Made to Move™ dolls can play out lifelike movement both ways with the ability to maneuver and pose in realistic positions. Each doll has 22 "joints" -- in the neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees AND ankles -- for an incredible range of motion. Trendy athleisure-wear encourages all kinds of storytelling and highlights the dolls' dynamic posability. Kids can collect the Barbie® wellness dolls to explore self-care and expand their worlds and the possibilities for playtime! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Kids can practice self-care as they help Barbie® doll recharge -- this extremely flexible doll allows them to play out movement and stillness.

A trendy mesh top and colorful yoga pants -- with a cool teal, lime green and purple print -- are perfect to go from workout to meditation to relaxation.