Barbie® Space Discovery™ Doll and Playset

Product#: GTW32
Released: 2021
Ages: 3 years & up

Inspire imaginations to take off to new worlds with Barbie® Space Discovery™ dolls and toys. This Chelsea™ rocket-themed playset helps launch stories with four play spaces for Chelsea™ space explorer doll and her puppy: a big rocket ship, a glittery slide, monkey bars and rocket-ship swing. Chelsea™ doll wears a spacesuit-inspired dress, and both she and her puppy have removable helmets. Kids, especially those fascinated with space and science, will love exploring the possibilities with Barbie®. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Barbie® Space Discovery™ dolls and toys inspire kids to let their imaginations blast off into space!

Chelsea™ doll and her puppy can bring play to any planet with this rocket ship-themed playset that features 4 play spaces: the large rocket ship, a glittery slide to the surface, monkey bars and a rocket ship-shaped swing!

The space explorers are dressed for their mission -- Chelsea™ small doll wears a silvery dress with spacesuit details and white moon boots, and both she and her pet puppy have space helmets they can take on and off!

With some water and astronaut-style puppy food, Chelsea™ doll can take care of her adorable pet after a long day of space play!

The out-of-this-world set makes a great gift for kids 3 to 7 years old, especially those who love space, science and shooting for the stars!

Kids can build a universe and collect other Barbie® Space Discovery™ toys to fuel even more storytelling and role-play fun!