Barbie® Color Reveal™ Foam Doll - Strawberry

Product#: GTN18
Released: 2021
Ages: 3 years and up

Barbie® Ultimate Color Reveal™ assortment deliver unboxing surprises with awesome sensory play! A doll wearing a trendy fashion is guaranteed, but each doll's look remains a mystery until revealed. Simply pour the scented bubble solution into the included tube until foam forms revealing the Barbie® Color Reveal™ doll! The packaging is part of the fun -- use the fruit-shaped blister as a foam pool, filling it with the foaming bubble solution after the big reveal, and add some water for an awesome foam pool party! The assortment uses three different fruit themes -- pineapple, watermelon, and strawberry -- with 25 surprises such as hair extensions, outfits, a sun umbrella, sand box and kinetic sand in each. There's also a hidden charm that girls find in the sand that attaches to the included bracelet. Each doll has a different combination of hair, skin tone and swimsuit. Dress the doll up and play out a story. Use the tube to store the Barbie® doll and fun surprises. Kids can collect them to mix and match accessories, gather all the hidden charms and expand the possibilities!