Barbie® Sweet Orchard Farm™ Playset

Product#: GJB66
Released: 2020
Ages: 3 years and up

On Barbie® Sweet Orchard Farm™, everyone is welcome to lend a helping hand -- it makes the work easier and the stories more fun! Pet lovers will be kept busy, and happy, caring for the 11 animals that live in Sweet Orchard Farm™ barn -- a pony, a calf, a lamb, a baby goat, a pig and two piglets, a hen, a chick, a cat and a dog. The farm-themed playset inspires endless storytelling with lots of fun features and 360-degree play. There's a barn with grain silo (and grain!), a windmill that really spins, a loft with ladder and working pulley for hay, cornstalks with pickable corn, a dining area with fold-out table, a stable for the pony and fencing to create an animal pen. Additional pieces and details let kids immerse themselves in role-play. They can feed, groom and clean up after the animals, then start all over again -- they don't even have to wait until sunrise! Collect other dolls and accessories from the Barbie® Sweet Orchard Farm™ line and find out how easy it is to grow fun on the farm! Includes barn, 11 animals and themed accessories; doll not included. Colors and decorations may vary.

There's always something to do on Sweet Orchard Farm™, like caring for the animals in this barn-themed playset that comes with a barn, 11 farm animals, working features and more than 15 additional pieces to immerse kids in play!

The Dutch doors on the classic red and white barn open to reveal multiple play spaces and 360-degrees of fun; there's even a windmill on top that really spins!

To feed the animals, kids can fill the silo's grain bin with the pack of grain and use the bucket to feed the animals, then hang it on the silo hook when not in use.

To load the loft with the hay bale, use the working pulley -- load the pulley, lift up the hay bale with the string, then swing the pulley to place the hay upstairs; Barbie® doll (sold separately) can climb the ladder and find a cozy spot to nap.

Farming is hard work -- fold down the dining table tucked into the side of the barn and pull up the two stools when it's time to refuel.

Find more ingredients for fun in back of the barn, too -- young farmers can "water" the garden using the attached hose and pick removable corn from stalks.

When the barn chores are done, set up the corral fencing to extend the stables into a pen for all of the animals -- animal lovers will go wild for the pony, calf, lamb, baby goat, 3 pigs, a hen, a chick, a dog AND a cat!

Feed and care for them using accessories that include a brush, a water bottle, a feeding trough and more!

With so many pieces and so much to do, the Barbie® Sweet Orchard Farm™ barn playset makes a great gift for kids 3 to 7 years old, especially animal lovers!

Kids can collect the Barbie® farm dolls and toys and find fun is an easy thing to grow on the farm!