Barbie® Team Stacie™ Doll and Playset

Product#: GBK61
Released: 2019
Ages: 3 years and up

Stacie™ doll and her friends are go-getters, just like her big sister Barbie® doll -- and together they make a super-strong team! With Team Stacie™, kids are inspired to explore their interests. Young athletes will flip for this Stacie™ doll and adventure sports playset that offers extreme fun -- there's a zipline, a rock climbing wall, a skateboard ramp, monkey bars, a basketball hoop and a clubhouse! Stacie™ doll can do it all, and she has her puppy with her to share in the adventure. Sports gear -- a skateboard, basketball and helmet -- let kids role-play and dream. Space in the clubhouse to store the pieces makes cleanup and storage easy. Kids will love showing off their skills -- go Team Stacie™! Collect all the Team Stacie™ dolls and toys for even more possibilities to explore during playtime (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Stacie™ doll wearing fashions and shoes, puppy, helmet, skateboard, basketball and playset with zipline, rock climbing wall, skateboard ramp, monkey bars, basketball hoop and clubhouse. Doll cannot stand or act alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Just like big sister Barbie®, Stacie™ doll has a diverse group of friends who support each other in their goals -- Team Stacie™ are the best of friends and love to gather at the ultimate hangout, the Team Stacie™ Extreme Sports Playset!

Young athletes will find extreme fun with Stacie™ doll, her puppy and a sports and adventure playset that features 6 play areas -- including 5 action-packed activities and a clubhouse -- plus sports equipment, like a helmet, and storage space!

Add thrills to playtime -- simply snap Stacie™ doll's wrists into the clips and push to send her speeding down the zipline!

Aim for the top – Stacie™ doll's hands and feet fit into the "rocks" on the climbing wall!

Let the good times roll -- slide Stacie™ doll's feet into the skateboard clips and help her perform tricks on the ramp!

Soar into storytelling -- the monkeys bars have trapeze swings with clips for Stacie™ doll's wrists to really hang and swing!

Score playtime points -- kids can help Stacie™ doll practice her moves with the included basketball!

Chill in the clubhouse -- hidden in the climbing wall, this cool space has a bench for the doll and puppy with storage below for the sports gear.

With so many activities and so many possibilities for play, this adventure sports playset makes a great gift for kids ages 3 to 7 years old, especially those who love to be active!

Kids will love joining Team Stacie™ and exploring the world of their dreams because when a girl plays with Barbie®, she imagines everything she can become -- collect all the Team Stacie™ dolls and toys for even more playtime possibilities!