Fashion Fever™ Barbie® Styling Head

Product#: G9040
Released: 2005
Ages: 5+

Fashion Fever™ Barbie® Styling Head Barbie® and Kayla® Fashion Fever™ Styling Heads are all about trendy hairstyles and accessories. Each comes with pretty, stylish hair with a cool fabric head wrap/neck scarf that turns into a pretty flower for hair or neck that girls can wear too! Just see how many hip styles you can create with the wrap: sporty tie-ups, cute pullbacks, exotic up-dos, there’s so much to do to her do! The stylish face with cool real eyelashes comes with glitter gel for hair or face, a fancy sparkle scarf, hot metal hoop earrings that double as a necklace, cool dangle earrings, two barrettes, hair accessories and a brush. Unique clear elliptical structure package.