Wee 3 Friends™ Dolls Splash! Splash! Splash!™

Product#: G8453
Released: 2005
Discontinued: 2008
Ages: 3+

Wee 3 Friends™ dolls are the best of friends all born on the same day. They go everywhere and do everything together – with their cuddly pets, of course! Stacie® and her friends love to splash and have fun at the pool. Three dolls, Stacie®, Barbie® doll’s little sister and her fun-loving friends Lila® and Janet® - bring their towels and come dressed in adorable swimwear fashions with sunglasses. The dolls even get “suntan” lines with their new color-change feature! There are lots of fun play pieces, too: real towels, a kick-board, a swim noodle, drinking cups, floating chair and toys to play with in the water. Even the puppies have inner tubes and swim goggles for lots of splashing fun. Vinyl carrying case.