Barbie® Fashion Show Mall™ Playset

Product#: G5214
Released: 2004
Discontinued: 2007
Ages: 5+

While Barbie seemed to be assimilating quite nicely into the various environments assigned to her over the years - veterinarian's office, lifeguard chair, NASA-it's in a shopping mall that Ms. B truly seems in her element. And what a sizable and comprehensive mall this is. It sports a hair salon where the fashion-conscious plastic doll can get a complete makeover or just a light touch up, a shoe store with a musical shoe stand, a clothing boutique, and numerous other shops. There's even an ATM, which makes a lot of sense given all the shopping to be done. What makes the mall really fun, however, are the zillions of tiny accessories - shoes, flowers, brushes, combs, outfits, and many more details that will make for hours of fun at the mall. Barbie and other dolls are not included with this mall, but they can't wait to get there and do some shopping.