Barbie™ Dreamtopia Doll

Product#: FXC81
Released: 2018
Ages: 3 years & up

At 17-inches tall, this extra-tall Barbie® Princess doll from Barbie™ Dreamtopia has extra-long, colorfully streaked hair for endless hairstyling fun! A gorgeous gown and fabulous hair accessories allow for so much creative expression. Barbie® Princess doll comes with a hairbrush that opens to hold all of her accessories, which include two decorated headbands, two hair combs, one bow barrette to style the doll's hair, along with two tiaras to put the finishing touch on any hairstyle. The extra-tall Barbie® Princess doll is ready for any fairytale adventure or royal responsibility you can dream up. She wears a shimmery gown with a sheer long underskirt, tapered print overlay (with rainbow print), silver-trimmed bodice and matching shoes. Bright colors and matching hairstreaks spark imaginations and storytelling. Style a fabulous hairdo to suit your story -- then take it down and start again! The possibilities for creative expression are endless because with Barbie®, you can be anything! Includes 17-inch tall Barbie® Princess doll wearing fashion and accessories, one brush, two headbands, two hair combs, one barrette and two tiaras. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.


This extra-tall Barbie™ Dreamtopia Princess doll -- 17 inches tall! -- has extra-long hair and accessories for endless hairstyling fun!

Barbie® doll comes with a brush that doubles as accessory storage for easy clean up!

Hairstyling accessories include two headbands with decorative accents (like a bow or flowers), two decorated hair combs in bright colors, one bow barrette and two tiaras – one a pretty blue and one with bright "gems."

The Barbie™ Dreamtopia doll shines in a long gown with sheer blue underskirt, shimmery overlay (with a rainbow print), a silver-trimmed bodice and matching shoes.

Matching pink hairstreaks add creative inspiration for fantastical hairstyles.

Play out fairytale stories, explore the kingdoms of Barbie™ Dreamtopia or create new worlds of your own because you can be anything with Barbie®!