Barbie® Crayola® Color Magic Station™ Doll & Playset

Product#: FPW10
Released: 2017
Ages: 5 years and up

Create unique, cool fashions for Barbie with Barbie Color Magic Station. Young designers can explore color, style and design with these do-it-yourself creative packs and then showcase their fashions on Barbie doll. Designing is easy! Choose one of the three included fashions -- each trendy dress is washable to allow for endless fashion designing fun. Place the selection on the dress form and place the dress form in the Color Magic Station. Then, choose your stencils, and place them on the fashion. Each set comes with one full-length pattern, two half-length patterns and five smaller icons, like a butterfly, heart or palm tree. Next, pick a paint color (pink, yellow and blue are included), add it to the paint compartment and close the handle. Turn the handle while pushing it forward to create a cool, mess-free, rainbow-splash effect. When done designing, remove the stencils with the tweezers to keep clean and reveal your finished look. It's so cool! Use one or more stencils. Try one or more colors. You decide because you're the designer! Dress Barbie doll in the finished fashion and accessorize with the included pair of shoes and colorful necklace. Wash the looks out after playing out a story to create a fresh canvas and enjoy endless creative expression and experimentation. Young designers will love seeing their artistic ideas become wearable fashions for Barbie doll! Includes Barbie doll wearing washable fashion and accessories, two additional washable fashions, the Color Magic Station, one full-length stencil, two half-length stencils, five smaller stencils and three paint colors. Each sold separately. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary. For ages 5 and up.