Barbie® Camping Fun™ Doll, Vehicle & Accessories

Product#: FNY40
Released: 2018
Ages: 3 years and up

Take Barbie® doll, and her puppy, camping -- and off-roading and kayaking and so much more with this fun camping vehicle set. Barbie® doll has a cool pink pickup truck with a roof rack that holds her kayak, which is also included! Outdoor lovers can play out all kinds of adventures with a vehicle for fun on land or water! The truck has rolling wheels, room for two dolls (other dolls sold separately), a truck bed with room for gear and the detachable silvery roof rack. Unsnap the bands on the rack to release the kayak and dive into tales of 'rapids' speed. Slip Barbie® doll into the kayak's seat, unsnap the oar from the boat and attach to Barbie® doll's hands for role-play action. Barbie® doll comes with a life vest for a realistic touch. On land, she has a water bottle with handle she can hold, and her adorable puppy has a flying disc toy with a peg that it can hold in its mouth. Take the two best friends camping all over the world where they can drive, kayak and bond! Find even more travel opportunities with other Barbie® dolls and toys in the Camping Fun™ line. Includes Barbie® doll wearing fashions and accessories, pickup truck with detachable roof rack, kayak with oar, puppy, life vest, water bottle and dog toy. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Get ready for adventures on both land and water with this Barbie Camping Fun set that makes camping so much fun with Barbie doll, her puppy, an adventure truck, a kayak and themed pieces!

Give the truck a push to get rolling - the bright pink truck has seats for two dolls (other dolls sold separately), a truck bed with room for gear and a silvery detachable roof rack for the kayak. Easily snap the boat onto the roof rack for on-the-go fun.

The kayak makes a splash in bright orange and purple with a pink oar that has handles to keep it in Barbie doll's hands when she's ready to dive into adventure. Put on her life jacket and slip her into the seat to launch the fun!

Barbie doll's puppy is ready to play with a pink disc toy - pet lovers can play fetch over and over again!

Looking casually cool, Barbie doll wears a gray t-shirt with retro graphic, denim shorts and white sneakers.

Outdoor lovers will love telling camping stories and dreaming up adventures with this Barbie Camping Fun set and discovering that they can be anything with Barbie!