Barbie® Camping Fun™ Dolls and Bicycles

Product#: FNY36
Released: 2018
Ages: 3 years and up

Let imaginations ride with this Barbie® bicycle designed for mountain biking, off-roading and general outdoor fun. The doll-sized mountain bike has a modern design, bright colors and clips to hold Barbie® doll in place for active play (doll sold separately). Snap a doll's waist into the seat clip, her feet into the pedal clips and her hands onto the handlebars, then push to get the story rolling! Kids will love exploring the outdoors or mastering extreme moves. Additional accessories inspire even more storytelling possibilities and add to the role-play fun. A pink kitty helmet, a pair of sunglasses and an orange water bottle with a handle that fits a doll's hand are designed with kid-friendly style. Young minds can pedal away and explore all the roads before them because you can be anything with Barbie®! Includes Barbie® bicycle, helmet, sunglasses and water bottle; doll not included. Colors and decorations may vary.

This Barbie® mountain bike is ready to roll into whatever adventure a young mind can dream up!

The doll-size bike has a clip on the seat, each pedal and the handlebars to hold a doll in place for active play and role-play inspiration (doll sold separately).

The orange bicycle has pink and white accents, silvery pieces and a Barbie® decal.

Additional accessories expand the possibilities for play with kid-friendly style -- a pink kitty helmet, sunglasses and an orange water bottle that a doll can hold.

Kids will love exploring the world with Barbie® and conquering the highest mountains because with Barbie®, you can be anything!