Barbie® Rhythmic Gymnast Doll

Product#: FJB18
Released: 2018
Ages: 3 years and up

Barbie® Made to Move™ rhythmic gymnast doll is ready to compete! Each Barbie® Made to Move™ doll has 22 “joints” -- in the neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees AND ankles -- for flexibility and an incredible range of motion! Young athletes will love exploring the world of sports with these athletic Barbie® dolls.

Barbie® rhythmic gymnast doll is dressed to compete for the gold in a performance outfit. Two matching batons help her earn points for skill and grace. Young sport lovers will find lots of stories to play out and many moves to make with Barbie® Made to Move™ sport dolls.

Explore and collect them all because you can be anything with Barbie® (each sold separately, subject to availability).