Barbie® Game Developer Doll

Product#: DMC33
Released: 2016
Ages: 3 years and up

Explore the world of game development with the Barbie® game developer doll! Honored as a career of the year, young techies can play out the creative fun of this exciting profession. Barbie® doll looks casually cool in an industry-inspired outfit. Her t-shirt breaks the fashion code with a hip graphic; faded denim pants are tech trendy; a green jacket is fashion-forward with sleeves rolled up; and white sneakers can go anywhere. Vibrant red hair and bright matching glasses complete the authentic look. A laptop (with real game code graphics), tablet (with the game she is working on) and silvery headset expand the storytelling possibilities and career opportunities. Inspire young gamers with this doll who is at the top of her game! Includes Barbie® doll wearing game developer fashion and accessories (including a pair of eyeglasses), laptop, tablet and headset. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Open young techies to the world of game development with the Barbie® game developer doll!

She wears an industry-inspired outfit with graphic decal t-shirt, faded denim pants, a dark green jacket and white sneakers.

Bright red hair and eyeglasses are fashion-forward with techie style!

Accessories -- a laptop, a tablet with picture of a game showing and a headset -- expand the career exploration and storytelling fun.