The Barbie Look Style Doll

Product#: DGY09
Released: 2016
Ages: Adult

Barbie® doll has “The Look” and the Instagram followers to prove it. The doll with the world’s best style has fans around the world tuning in daily to see where she is and what she’s wearing. Being in the spotlight day and night, Barbie® doll is a pro at dressing for the occasion. Ready for the next hi-profile event, Barbie® wears a blue-and-black sequined cocktail dress with strappy heels. Silvery accessories include a clutch, signature earrings, sparkly cuff bracelet, cell phone (lipstick, and beauty brushes. Catch Barbie® doll’s coolest ensembles on Instagram @BarbieStyle. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.
Barbie® doll always has “The Look.”
Doll wears a sequined cocktail dress and strappy heels.
Accessories include a clutch, earrings, bracelet, cell phone, lipstick and more.
Visit @BarbieStyle on Instagram for more fantastic Barbie® looks.