Barbie® Malibu Ave.™ Mall

Product#: CNB31
Released: 2015
Ages: 3 years and up

When Barbie® doll needs a new outfit for her Life in the Dreamhouse™, she and her friends take a trip to the Malibu mall! At the mall, there are always fashionable finds, fabulous fun and “amazing” adventures to be had. Barbie® and her friends (dolls sold separately) can do one of four mall favorites: get glam at the beauty shop, buy the perfect outfit and accessories at the dress boutique, enjoy a film at the movie theater or grab a bite in the food court. Move between floors on the escalator (simply push to activate), or have the dolls “stand” in a variety of spots using special clips. Put money into the back of the ATM to “withdraw” money from the front. And, for a high-tech twist, insert your cell phone (sold separately) and watch a favorite movie in the theater. It’s mall-velous fun for everyone! Colors and decorations may vary.

Discover fashionable finds, fabulous fun and “amazing” adventures at the Malibu Mall!

Four mall-velous places to explore: the beauty shop, dress boutique, movie theatre and food court.

Push to activate the moving escalator, make a “withdrawal” at the ATM or have the dolls “stand” with special clips.

Kids can even insert a cell phone (sold separately) and watch a movie in the theatre!

Dolls sold separately.