Barbie® Lemonade Stand Chelsea® Doll Giftset

Product#: CMY33
Released: 2015
Ages: 3 years and up

Chelsea™ doll is in business! Her lemonade stand is anything but ordinary, complete with a wheeled cart that spins the lemonade mixer when it’s pushed! Simply lift up the footed side and roll to spin the lemonade blender -- new customers will come running! Decorated with bright colors, cheery symbols (like hearts and lemon slices) and rolling wheels, it’ll roll in the dough -- there’s even a register to collect money. Awesome add-ons include drink cups and a box of lemons. Chelsea™ doll looks adorable in a sweet top and shorts with shoes perfect for the busy day she has planned. Girls will love “turning lemons into lemonade” with this play set! Includes Chelsea™ doll, rolling lemonade stand with spinning blender and themed accessories. Colors and decorations may vary.