Barbie® Bubble-tastic Mermaid™ Doll

Product#: CFF49
Released: 2014
Ages: 3 years and up

This magnificent mermaid not only makes a splash -- she makes bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! For the first time ever, girls can create their own fantastic fun with this new fantastical feature!

The Barbie® Bubble-tastic Mermaid™ bubble-making doll comes with a shell-shaped dipping tray to hold bubble solution.

A 2-ounce starter bubble solution is included to get things started right out of the box.

Pour it into the pink tray, then dip Barbie® mermaid’s giant fin into the solution and remove. The decorative cutouts on her tail do more than look pretty.

Simply pull the string on the doll’s back multiple times to cause the tail to spin and create an ocean of bubbles!

Pop them, chase them or make some more!

Any generic bubble solution (not included) will work to continue the magic for endless hours.

When it’s time to float back down to earth, girls can extend the fun with hair play.

An included brush and princess tiara allow styling of this mermaid doll’s long gorgeous hair with pink streaks. Wearing a mermaid bandeau and ombre tail, she’ll make waves -- along with bubbles!

Includes mermaid doll with spinning tail, shell-shaped bubble solution tray, one hairbrush, one tiara and one 2-ounce bottle of bubble solution.
• Girls can create their own fantastic fun with the Barbie® Bubble-tastic Mermaid™ doll that not only makes a splash but also makes bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
• Fill the included shell-shaped dipping tray with bubble solution.