Barbie® Fairytale Mermaid Doll

Product#: CFF31
Released: 2015
Ages: 3 years and up

There comes a moment in every mermaid princess’ life when it’s time to shine -- and this is that moment! This mermaid doll cannot hide under the sea with her shimmery tail and shiny fins. Dressed in brilliant shades of violet, Teresa® doll makes a magnificent mermaid. She wears an easy, violet snap-on bodice with a unique silhouette, “pearl” detailing and a contrasting blue “gem.” Her eye-catching removable tail is decorated with gorgeous violet shimmery fabric and flowing fins in an iridescent blue. A mermaid princess tiara completes the look and is the perfect accessory to make a splash! Collect them all to mix and match, creating delightfully different fairytale characters. Fashions and accessories are interchangeable throughout the mix-and-match line of princess, mermaid and fairy dolls (sold separately). Stick with traditional characters or create new ones, like a mer-fairy, a fairy princess or a winged mermaid princess -- whatever fits the story! Items are easily removed and replaced by small hands. Girls will love telling their own fairytales with the fabulous fashions and accessories to match! Includes doll wearing fashions and accessories. Doll cannot stand alone.

This gorgeous mermaid doll can’t hide under the sea!
Dressed in brilliant shades of violet with a mermaid tiara, Teresa® doll makes a magnificent mermaid.
She wears an easy, violet snap-on bodice with beaded detailing and loads of sparkle and shine!
Her removable tail pops in a violet shimmery fabric with iridescent blue fins.
With items easily removed by small hands, girls can switch bodices, skirts/tails and accessories among the princess dolls or the entire line to create new fabulous characters for whatever story they’re telling!
Collect them all to expand the fairytale fun (sold separately)!