Barbie® Sisters' Moment™ Riding Lesson Doll and Horse

Product#: CCT25
Released: 2015
Ages: 3 years and up

Barbie® doll and her sisters love to “horse” around! This set delivers horseback-riding fun right out of the box with two dolls and Tawny® horse included in the set.

Barbie® and Stacy® dolls are ready to ride in casually cool outfits that include sleek riding pants and colorful tops.

Matching tall riding boots and hard helmets are the perfect accessories for jumps and tricks.

Tawny® horse looks equally pretty with a signature pink bridle and saddle to seat either of the sisters.

Includes Barbie® doll, Stacy® doll, Tawny® horse and themed accessories. Dolls cannot stand alone.