Barbie® Doctor Playset

Product#: CCP71
Released: 2015
Ages: 3 years and up

Explore new careers in depth with the Barbie® Careers complete play sets! From medicine to teaching, these focused females make anything possible! With the Barbie® Careers Complete Play Doctor set, girls can open up the world of medicine because Doctor Barbie® doll is in! Set the young patient on the examination table to activate the flipping chart. A medicine bottle -- that fits on Barbie® doll’s hand -- is perfect for curing any ailment. Barbie® doll can check the child’s heart with her stethoscope, then reward good behavior with a lollipop. Doctor Barbie® doll looks professional and stylish in her iconic white doctor’s coat with a pretty graphic print skirt. A charming blue top and fabulous heels complete the look. The doctor will see you now! Includes Barbie® doll wearing career fashion, patient doll, examination table with flipping chart, stethoscope, medicine bottle and lollipop. Doll cannot stand alone.