Barbie® Teacher Playset

Product#: CCP69
Released: 2015
Ages: 3 years and up

Explore new careers in depth with the Barbie® Careers complete play sets. From medicine to teaching, these focused professionals make anything possible! The Barbie® Careers Complete Play Teacher set takes you directly to the head of the class. Teacher Barbie® doll can achieve her career dreams in the classroom which is equipped with a working chalkboard, student desk with attached chair -- and, of course, a young student to teach! Lessons can be written in chalk on the real chalkboard and erased with the eraser that fits perfectly on Barbie® doll's hand. Flip the board to reveal a map of the world. Barbie® doll looks professional and stylish dressed in colored jeans and a bright blue jacket. Fun accessories that extend play and make for great storytelling include a lunchbox for the student, scissors, a bottle of glue and a spinning globe. Some of the accessories fit on the dolls’ hands for added realism. Explore the world of education with this set, sharing a world of knowledge with Barbie® doll’s eager student. Includes Barbie® doll wearing career fashion, student doll in fashion, chalkboard, student desk with chair, chalk, eraser, scissors, bottle of glue, lunchbox and spinning globe. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.